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Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility

Catalent, a pioneering force in the field of gene therapy, contracted Genesis AEC to transform an existing warehouse into a cutting-edge clean room facility.

Designed to enhance production capabilities and cultivate an environment conducive to advanced research and manufacturing, it incorporates several key features:

Gene Therapy Production Suites: The facility boasts eight distinct gene therapy production suites. These individual spaces emphasize sterility and precision throughout each production process.

Locker Rooms: With a dedicated space allocation of 2,000 square feet, locker rooms play a critical role within the facility. They serve as essential points for personnel to change and adhere to rigorous cleanliness protocols before entering the cleanrooms.

Raw Material Testing & Laboratories: Encompassing a space of 4,000 square feet, this segment is exclusively dedicated to laboratory functions. It serves as a pivotal area where raw materials undergo meticulous testing to ensure their quality and efficacy for subsequent production stages.

Cold/Ambient Staging Areas: Occupying 3,000 square feet within cold rooms, these staging areas play a crucial role in safely storing and staging temperature-sensitive material. Our design ensures that materials are maintained at their optimal conditions.

Clean Corridors: Designed to facilitate the seamless movement of personnel and materials throughout the facility, clean corridors uphold the facility’s cleanliness standards while providing unhindered pathways.

Overall Space Breakdown: The facility encompasses a total area of 65,000 square feet. This composition includes 56,000 square feet of cleanrooms, 4,000 square feet of laboratory space, 3,000 square feet of cold rooms, and an additional 2,000 square feet designated for locker rooms. By combining meticulous design with state-of-the-art facilities, this project will prove to be a cornerstone in Catalent’s ability to advance gene therapy.

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