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Bristol-Myers Squibb

R&D Discovery Facility

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), a prominent figure in pharmaceutical research, turned to Genesis AEC to completely transform their R&D laboratory and office spaces. The primary objective was to cultivate innovation within a collaborative R&D landscape, all the while ensuring that the spaces remain adaptable to the ever-evolving nature of research.

The design for this undertaking boasts several defining features that contribute to its unique character:

Collaborative R&D Environment: The creation of designated huddle spaces within lab multimedia zones, were purposefully crafted to facilitate impromptu discussions and interactions among researchers.

High-performance Laboratories: At the heart of the design lies a commitment to high-performance laboratories. Using an open layout concept, equipped with mobile casework, BMS can access a flexible and adaptable workspace for existing and emergent technological requirements, paving the way for ongoing R&D operations.

Overhead Service Carriers: These cutting-edge carriers are responsible for the direct delivery of power, data, and universal piped connections from overhead fixtures. The innovative implementation of this overhead system not only maximizes the utilization of available space but also provides efficient access to critical utilities. Consequently, this enhances the overall functional aspects of the laboratories, contributing to an optimal research environment.

Inclusive Office Fit-out: The design scope extends beyond the laboratories to encompass office spaces. These spaces were thoughtfully curated to align with and amplify the collaborative ethos of the entire facility.

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