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Alladapt Immunotherapeutics

cGMP Manufacturing Facility

Alladapt, a pioneering biotech firm from the West Coast, partnered with Genesis to establish a significant manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania spanning 53,125 square feet. The facility’s purpose was to accommodate Phase III clinical trials and subsequent commercial production for therapies targeting food allergies.

The collaboration between Alladapt and Genesis is characterized by a client-centric approach. Working closely together, they strategized to optimize the expansive facility’s utility, addressing both immediate requirements and future growth prospects.

The facility’s design involved the allocation of space for distinct purposes. Notably, 12,000 square feet were dedicated to cGMP manufacturing, designed meticulously to adhere to rigorous drug production standards. Additionally, a substantial 38,000 square feet area was set aside for warehousing and auxiliary support functions, ensuring seamless operational flow.

One of the project’s strategic decisions involved outsourcing manufacturing operations to a local Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO). This move capitalized on local expertise, enhancing production quality and overall efficiency.

In alignment with Alladapt’s global aspirations, the facility’s design met regulatory benchmarks established for both European and United States standards. This approach ensured that the products manufactured in the facility would be well-prepared for international markets.

The construction of the facility is ongoing, with an anticipated completion date set for 2024.

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