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Facility Renovation

Genesis AEC undertook a comprehensive project to renovate Becton, Dickinson and Company’s existing 26,000 square-foot facility. This encompassed a blend of architecture, corporate interiors, and engineering services tailored to BD’s needs.

The project’s focus was on optimizing functionality by refining the layout. Carefully designed circulation spines connected different areas seamlessly. Notably, an equipment showroom showcased BD’s medical products, and conferencing spaces were established for productive team collaboration and client engagement.

A strong emphasis was placed on technology integration, evident in the dedicated IT concierge area and modern audiovisual solutions. Comfortable office spaces were designed with support areas conveniently placed. The addition of training labs demonstrated BD’s dedication to learning, offering advanced spaces for training teams.

The project introduced a clean and contemporary interior design using neutral colors, sleek finishes, and modern furnishings, aligning with BD’s identity. Showcasing a customer-centric approach, the showroom and conferencing areas aimed to create positive experiences for visitors and partners.

Throughout the project, Genesis closely collaborated with BD to infuse innovative solutions that matched their objectives. The outcome is a space that provides an improved employee and customer experience reflecting BD’s commitment to excellence in the healthcare sector.

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