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Minaris Regenerative Medicine

Clean Room Expansion and Renovation

Minaris, a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine, turned to Genesis AEC to help them renovate and expand their facilities as they positioned for future growth.

We provided our in-house architecture, engineering, construction management, asset management, and commissioning, services, ensuring meticulous oversight of every facet of this 20,000 SF facility expansion project.

Addressing the critically controlled environments in manufacturing sensitive products, we designed cutting-edge cGMP clean rooms and established a QA/QC laboratory, dedicated to product consistency and adhering to stringent quality benchmarks. Complementing the main operations, we provided GMP support spaces for storage, preparation, and auxiliary tasks. We also allocated 6,000 SF for operational growth support, strategically designated for office spaces and conferencing facilities to spur communication and collaboration avenues.

Our design approach operated on a dual-pronged strategy. First, flexibility and expandability were prioritized in our cGMP lab designs, attuned to Minaris’ evolving requirements. Second, we established a repetitive and reconfigurable model for their clean rooms, ensuring seamless scalability to accommodate process scale-ups as the company progresses.

Through comprehensive data analysis, we proactively identified areas for efficiency enhancement, eliminated potential bottlenecks, and validated process flows. The culmination was a design harmoniously synchronized with Minaris’ operational, financial, and timeline objectives.

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