Podcast: Explore Building Enclosures with the Art of Construction

Alan Jalón, Director of Architectural Technology at Genesis AEC, joins host, Devon Tilly, on the Art of Construction podcast

Alan is Genesis AEC’s building envelope specialist, and when a building’s envelope isn’t working correctly, he is called to the rescue. From his experience, he believes building owners and project teams need more awareness of enclosure components (air/water control layers) so they can be more proactive. Understanding the root causes of water infiltration (roof leaks, failed sealants, failed glazing, joint assembly etc.) is critical and can help decrease operational costs over a building’s lifespan, increase operational efficiency, and naturally prevent future water damage.

Join Devon and Alan as they discuss some of Alan’s favorite projects, the most common causes for why building envelopes don’t perform well, the need for more education between architects, contractors and the trades on how building components go together, Alan’s favorite trends in architectural technology, and more!

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