A close up shot showcasing the complex network of stainless steel pipes valves and other industrial equipment found within a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant The image depicts the intricate and

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The Chemical Engineer Article Series: Tips & Insights

Genesis AEC’s Chief Process Engineer, Stephen Hall, PE, writes Rules of Thumb, a monthly column for The Chemical Engineer magazine.

Chemical Engineering Secrets: Uncover the “Rules of Thumb” Every Pharma Pro Needs

Are you a pharmaceutical engineer or facility manager looking for expert insights from The Chemical Engineer magazine to streamline your processes and elevate your expertise? Look no further!

Introducing the “Rules of Thumb” Series by Steve Hall, P.E.

With over 40 years of experience under his belt, Steve Hall, Genesis’ Chief Process Engineer, shares his battle-tested wisdom in this exclusive series. These bite-sized The Chemical Engineer articles are your shortcut to mastering the critical concepts that drive success in the pharmaceutical industry.

What’s Inside the “Rules of Thumb” Vault?

Each article dives deep into a specific challenge you face daily. Get ready to conquer topics like:

  • Pressure Drop: Calculate friction losses with confidence.
  • Flammable Liquids: Choose the right containment system to keep your facility safe.
  • Chromatography Systems: Optimize your separations for maximum efficiency.
  • Heat Exchanger Selection: Match the right exchanger to your process needs.
  • Process Safety: Identify hazards and implement robust mitigation strategies.
  • Scale-Up: Transition from lab-scale to production with fewer surprises.
  • Distillation Columns: Design and troubleshoot for optimal performance.
  • Piping Materials: Select the right materials to resist corrosion and ensure product purity.
  • Pump Selection: Find the perfect pump for your specific application.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Protect your valuable assets from costly degradation.

…and much more! Read the series here.

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