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Comprehensive Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

Electrical Infrastructure Overhaul: A Case Study in Seamless Modernization

Pharmaceutical R&D Facility Upgrades

Genesis successfully executed a comprehensive upgrade of the electrical infrastructure at a renowned pharmaceutical research and development campus. The facility modernization project was completed without disrupting ongoing operations, addressing a variety of critical needs:

Electrical System Enhancements for Reliability and Efficiency

Code Compliance and Safety

  • Identified and resolved existing code violations to ensure the pharmaceutical facility meets safety standards.

Generator Upgrade for Cleaner Energy

  • Upgraded from a diesel generator to a more environmentally friendly and efficient natural gas generator housed in an external enclosure.

Transfer Switch and Feeder Modernization

  • Improved efficiency and reliability by modernizing automatic transfer switches and associated feeders, ensuring seamless power transfer during outages for critical research equipment.

Expanded Capacity and Infrastructure for Future Growth

Electrical Room Expansion

  • Increased capacity by constructing a new annex to the ground floor electrical room, accommodating future growth and equipment needs within the pharmaceutical research facility.

Substation Replacement for System Robustness

  • Enhanced overall system robustness by replacing three existing building substations, reducing the risk of downtime and improving power distribution throughout the facility.

Motor Control Center (MCC) Upgrade

  • Increased operational efficiency with new MCCs, ensuring precise control and monitoring of motors and equipment essential to pharmaceutical research and development.

Collaborative Approach to Minimize Disruption to Research Operations

Genesis worked closely with the building operations team and lab end-users throughout the project. This collaboration involved meticulous coordination of utility shutdowns, seamless integration of new systems, and careful management of demolition to minimize disruption to ongoing research activities.

Unique Challenges in an Active Research Environment

The pharmaceutical facility modernization project faced unique challenges due to:

  • Building construction type
  • Limited space for mechanical and electrical systems
  • The need to maintain a safe and functional environment for ongoing scientific work

Innovative Engineering Solutions for Complex Challenges

Genesis  developed innovative solutions to address the constraints of the existing building structure:

Strategic Planning and Execution

Material and Construction Access

  • Devised intricate strategies to ensure smooth delivery and installation of materials and equipment in a limited space within the operational pharmaceutical facility.

Utility Routing and Distribution

  • Carefully choreographed the routing and distribution of utilities to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency within the existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal impact on ongoing research.

 Seamless Integration of New Systems into Pharmaceutical Operations

Building Expansion and Generator Integration

  • Successfully expanded the building with a new section and seamlessly integrated a state-of-the-art natural gas generator, while managing underground utilities, potential soil contamination, and site security concerns.

Genesis AEC: Experts in Pharmaceutical Facility Modernization

The successful completion of this complex project highlights our expertise in delivering innovative and reliable electrical infrastructure solutions for the demanding pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and minimizing disruption makes us a trusted partner for research and development facilities.