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To ensure operational and cost efficiency, Genesis orchestrated a transformative array of designs, features, and processes that proved added tremendous value to this pharmaceutical leader. These elements encompassed the precision-enhanced tracking of capacity and census, the substantial mitigation of adverse patient effects arising from inefficient transportation to and from imaging and procedures, the comprehensive revitalization of antiquated infrastructure, the profound enhancement of researcher-staff synergy and productivity, and the significant optimization of equipment utilization.

Initiated as a phased endeavor, this project kicked off with an operational needs assessment of unparalleled depth, characterized by exhaustive studies and analyses. The exacting rigor of this due diligence process yielded an overarching master plan that deftly tackled both strategic capacity imperatives and operational efficiencies. The implementation of our strategy engendered a multifaceted, collaborative design evolution, seamlessly fusing our client’s objectives with user, aesthetic, and operational aspirations.

Our design team functioned in harmonious concert with our engineering and construction management counterparts, leveraging a Target Value Design (TVD) lean project delivery framework augmented by modular and prefabricated components. The paramount considerations of patient safety and uninterrupted business operations were steadfastly upheld as we navigated the intricacies of this bustling vivarium environment, artfully attenuating noise and vibrational disturbances to ensure unimpeded process flows.

In the culmination of our efforts, the outcomes were evident. We facilitated an astounding $75 million in client savings, all while steering the project towards the pursuit of LEED Gold certification and the realization of a cutting-edge facility that stands as a testament to modern excellence.

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