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Powdered Media Manufacturing Upgrades

Genesis AEC helped this global leader in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector refine and elevate their powdered media manufacturing capabilities. Our goal was clear: to seamlessly enhance the existing facility’s efficiency, safety, and compliance, while causing minimal disruption to their ongoing operations.

We conducted a comprehensive in-situ upgrade of Lonza’s existing powdered media manufacturing facilities, carefully tailored to meet global regulatory standards. Our efforts aimed to enhance Lonza’s competitive position while adhering to these standards.

We facilitated significant changes in both the layout and equipment to improve material handling, facility flows, and compliance. Notably, we upgraded the CNC space to meet ISO-8 standards, which positively impacted manufacturing processes and mitigated airborne particulate concerns. We also took measures to reduce cross-contamination risks and enhance overall cleanliness.

Our upgrades delivered various advantages, including improved compliance and operational efficiency. The facility’s maintenance was made easier, promoting a clean environment in line with regulations and extending the lifespan of equipment.

To ensure operational continuity, we employed a multi-phased renovation approach. This approach allowed Lonza to maintain their operations while sections of the facility underwent upgrades. This pragmatic strategy ensured a seamless transition and minimal disruption.

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  • In-Situ Upgrade: Refers to making improvements on an existing structure or facility while it remains in place.
  • ISO-8 Standards: International standards that dictate the allowable levels of contaminants in a controlled environment. ISO-8 is a specific classification relating to cleanroom standards.
  • CNC Space: A controlled, non-classified space within a manufacturing environment.
  • Airborne Powders: Tiny solid particles that can become suspended in the air, especially significant in powdered media manufacturing due to potential health risks and product quality concerns.